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teaching life’s lessons using LEGO bricks

Imagine a world where kids are eager to read, learning life’s lessons, and empowered to accomplish more with their life at every age. Heck, adults will enjoy their time here too.

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COMICs … in motion

We’re launching an exciting adventure with a COMIC series that weaves life’s lessons into stories and media that are sure to entertain, educate and empower. The comic series also serves as a storyboard – these stories will be turned into a MOTION COMIC VIDEO series of narrated motion comics (non-animated moving still images with audio and visual effects).

take a sneak peek:
FGlaunch - comic alpha (opt-in)

Circle pi Film Group has been inspired by a fusion of LEGO products, Reverend W. Awdry’s creation Thomas the Tank Engine, stop-motion practices employed in Wallace and Gromit animations, and the sheer creative genius of George Lucas and Walt Disney.

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Visit our Online Store and help us launch our comic series and motion comic video.

Includes all of this:

  • Comic alpha – immediate electronic delivery of our completed alpha-comic. Ready to go today!
    eBook FORMATS: Kindle (mobi) and PDF
    email the mobi file to your address
  • Comic beta – refinements already underway.
  • Motion Comic Video alpha – our beta-comic “storyboard” will be fused with narration, voicework, and audio & video effects – resulting in a motion comic video with all the bells and whistles except frame-by-frame animation.
  • Email & blog updates of the progress and journey.
  • VIP treatment – advance awareness and inside information available to you way before it’s made available to the general public.
  • Pride in being a part of educational entertainment that inspires and empowers the next generation.

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