2014-07-03 – DM – OPT-IN Offer

2014-07-03 - DM - OPT-IN Offer - edited

A simple exchange.

Trade V.I.T.C.U.T. for their email address.

V.I.T.C.U.T. = Valuable Information They Can Use Today

A single piece of information that will give them results. Today.

Information they want, that helps to solve an urgent pressing need in their life.

Too much information and they’ll be overwhelmed, feeding on that for weeks, forgetting to ever get back to you.

Useless information and they’ll opt-out. Goodbye!

Provide a tasty morsel that whets their appetite so they’re ravenous to come back for more information.

They’ll learn to trust that you’re a reliable source of valuable information.

Deliver instantly. An ebook or document. An audio file. A video. By email (that they just traded). Oh, but that’s another topic … auto-responder … where your email system automatically collects their email address and immediately sends the information (or link) so they can start consuming right away, without waiting for your manual response.