JIS rehearsal tracks

Try To Remember key change:



Select your individual voice part track for each song you sing:

To play a track, click on the title:
Using a computer to download a track, while it is playing, click “DOWNLOAD MP3”
(they’re not small files, give it a minute to download):
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Full Chorus involvement songs:

Try To Remember:
Full Chorus tracks with updated page 3

Full Chorus backing up Ensemble songs:

Piano Man:
Verse 1: Chan Everett
Verse 2: Susie Catlin, Anne Gullquist, Michael Hauser
Verse 3: Joan Lahey, Gay Ross, Annie Sullivan
Verse 4: Anita Legler, Marilee Matteson, Jean Rice, Dede Van Zonneveld
Instruments: Sonny Nelson, Frank Ziegler

I Hope You Dance:
Full Chorus: page 2 line 2 & 3; page 3
Ensemble: Emilie Hinman, Mary Ellen Keating, Martha Kelly

All About That Bass:
Full Chorus
Ensemble: John Scott, Frank Ziegler

Ensemble songs:

The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy):
harmony: Joan Lahey, JoAnne Meurer, Gay Ross, Jan Sayler, Annie Sullivan
melody: John Scott, Frank Ziegler

It’s Raining Men:
melody: Emilie Hinman, Anita Legler, Dede Van Zonneveld
harmony: Susie Catlin, Martha Kelly, Robin Ryan

Melody: Mary Ellen Keating, Marilee Matteson, Jean Rice, Chan Everett, John Scott
SoprAlto: Susie Catlin, Anne Gullquist, Michael Hauser
ContrAlto: JoAnne Meurer, Robin Ryan, Jan Sayler

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NO “zipped” files in use this year, disregard content below:

For my iPhone & iPad singers – I recommend downloading the tracks directly (whether individual or zipped files) using the iOS app Filer. Using your iPhone or iPad, click on the link and follow the steps below:

Filer app - 50p Filer by Dan Leehr

  1. Once installed using the link above, then within the “Filer” app, use the browser function to navigate to this page.
  2. Use the download feature to click on the desired tracks/zipfiles (zip files will open right in the app).
  3. Sing with your tracks!

For my Android singers – I recommend the app WinZip – Zip Unzip Tool by WinZip computing. This tool allows downloading the zipped files right from your Android’s browser. Note that the zipped files are large and might take several minutes to download. Once downloaded, unzip the file and save to your desired location.