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Chancel Choir (click here for audio archive)
This part of the library contains music from routine Sunday services.
For special services (such as Lent, Good Friday, Easter and Christmas Eve),
see the “Special Services” link below, or click here.

Fairest Lord Jesus – November 17, 2013

Holy is the Lord – September 9, 2012

Sanctuary Ensemble (click here for audio archive)

Bell Choir (click here for audio archive)
Let Us Rejoice – September 30, 2012

Kidz Connection (click here for audio archive)
We Are All a Part of God’s Family – May 12, 2013

Men’s Choir (click here for audio archive)

Solo (click here for audio archive)

Special Services (click here for audio archive)


Recording Library

These songs are intended only for self-evaluation by the performers, and are recorded during the service(s), currently from the rear of the sanctuary. Please forgive the quality and sounds associated with such a live recording. Future live recording quality refinement is intended. Downloadable mp3 files are compact, yet large enough that high speed internet service is recommended.

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