Audio Video Projects

Maybe you’re interested in a simple project like a custom CD of you reading nursery rhymes or singing children’s songs for your grandchildren.

Or, maybe you have a more extensive production in mind – such as a 60-person choir concert.
CD-DVD set examples - 400w

All of my services can be scaled up or down, depending on client desires and budget. I typically use four (4) strategically and stealthily placed cameras, as well as an audio recorder (with high-end microphones), to capture the live event. If appropriate, additional manned cameras can be used for capturing particular details (like close-ups) during the event.

After the event, it typically requires 20-30 studio hours to edit the captured audio and video. This includes panning & zooming, slicing, adding text layers, and more. Note: post-production zooming in on wide shots can sometimes result in pixelation (grainy images), which is why a manned camera can be an asset.

CD-DVD set & internet sharing
The final product can range from audio CD’s, video DVD’s, CD-DVD sets in a case, color printing on disc and CD-DVD jacket. A unique website can be made available to share your audio or video files on the internet.

Social Media
If desired, my team can also integrate your audio and video files on social media platforms (newly created by us or already existing accounts you have) such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, and more.

Obviously it takes time, energy, tools and materials to produce quality results. I’m sure we can settle on a production level and compensation figure that is worthy of my contribution and responsible for your budget.

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Note: Grainy close-ups and occasional focus issues can be resolved by including manned cameras in the project.

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