Don’t believe you can leave the land of ‘painfully perplexed’ to jump onto ‘possibility island’ where you can focus on positively progressing to prosperity? HOLD MY DR PEPPER. I’ll show you exactly how, including the very system that I use, a proven process for publishing your way to prosperity. While traditional education takes years and tens-of-thousands of dollars, only to learn what worked decades ago, but not necessarily works today.

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams, doing work that you love without getting caught up in expensive traditional education, and on a path to a dead-end job you hate?
In which case I have a little something that I’m pretty sure you will love (scratch that, I am absolutely sure you will love it)

Let Nannie and Pops take you on an adventure, a journey into my Publishing Prosperity Process, THE ONLY system where you can create a consistent, dependable, fabulous, predictable, reliable career income; being the hero; doing 'work' that you love.
That secret sauce >> I've had the privilege of supporting newbies get to dollar one, and experienced entrepreneurs scale to $10K, $100K, and much more.
And as a founding member here with me, you’ll be in my close-knit community - with deep access to me.

And the journey will be filled with fun, tough love, support, and the tools you need, when you need them.

And all of that in bite-size little action steps you can take daily, that get you closer to generating real life career income doing what you love, even if you’re an introvert (me too, I spent decades hiding behind the piano at parties).

I’m sure you’ve been told that if something sounds too good to be true it usually is, but in this case NO that is not true - read on and see for yourself

Here’s who I am & why you should listen to me
I wasn’t always called an expert in music, AV engineering, professional publishing production, and digital library course content curation. In fact I used to be a nuclear reactor operator on submarines.

Since then I have used my million $ musician AND half-million $ AV content publishing experience to help creators like you go from starving artist syndrome to homeschool hero in bite-size little action steps you can take daily, that get you closer to generating real life career income doing what you love.

Which is what makes me particularly well qualified to tell you everything and anything you had ever wanted to know about music, and AV content publishing.

The things people say…
Ahhh love notes, what’s not to love about a love note? I know it seems showy-offy and altogether boastful, but JUST LOOK.
Now, tell me this. If your clients were this happy wouldn’t you shout about it too?
See I could shout about my work all day long, but I’d never be able to put it quite like these.
If you have never heard of me... , then please read below.

  • Many thanks, Corey. You make what could be a really intimidating subject and make it approachable and understandable and fun. What was overwhelming and nearly incomprehensible… now I’m seeing the method to the madness!! – George
  • The song was Beautiful! – Tammy
  • Thank you for the music. – Lee
  • Lovely organ music. – Candy
  • You wear so many hats from the organ, to the choir, the piano and back again. With all your talents we have one of the most outstanding music programs ever. – Jack
  • That song touches your heart and soul. When you sing and accompany too, it is so gorgeous. – Linda
  • May God continue to bless you, as you belss others with your talent. – Rozena
  • Many, many thanks from all of us for all of your hard work, persistence, patience, and creativity this year. I have heard a lot of people say that this year’s concert is the best yet! Thank you for encouraging excellence, and for making it all so much fun. We are lucky to be working with you. – JI Singers

Let’s do the Math…
You could make yourself frustratingly miserable, buying generic-to-your-purpose courses, spending hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, and hundreds of hours… only to realize you are more confused, and have more questions than answers.
You could take a far too common “wish and a prayer” journey, decades in the making, and volunteer (or worse, pay-to-play), then eventually earn $10K, $30K, $50K, maybe even $100K then hit that glass ceiling, too busy to enjoy life - and start to fall out of love with your passion 'cuz of all the hard work and chewing up your life spending time between doing things “their way” and at the end of the day NOT having the free time or money you hoped for.
You could get a traditional education, end up with a dead-end job you hate, and fit your hobby/interest/passion in on the side… only to find yourself full of misery and regret.
But you will still
spend decades saying “I shoulda coulda woulda”
start the next chapter of life overcoming enormous college debt
and still rot in a dead-end-job you hate - that does NOT support your life values (trust me, corporate life in NJ was not the path I wanted to follow) and rob you of your life’s dream.

THERE’S A BETTER PLAN with my Publishing Prosperity Process
You are not only saving all that money and years of your life, but you’ll also be getting on the path to having a consistent, dependable, fabulous, predictable, reliable career income; being the hero; doing 'work' that you love << Would you turn that down?
Think about that, then click through and join me, and step into the new you, by design, the future of your own choosing.

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Be your best self...
master your superpowers...
be the hero of your own life's journey...
and be a hero to those around you.

Grateful to have you here.

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Who am I ?? 
Corey Peiffer
Musician. Motion Comic Artist. Techie. Entrepreneur. Husband. Father.
Helping people live their best life.
Mentor. Guide. Coach.
Creating and collaborating production content.
I've spent over-a-decade immersed in audio/video tech, and curating digital libraries... but my life-long career-love has been piano and voice... making music, teaching music, entertaining and supporting others through music.
Solo piano and voice. Jazz trio. Small band. Big band.
Singing groups. Church choir. Community choir.
Accompanist. Performer. Director.
E³ = Edutainment Empowering Entrepreneurs

A Quick Patreon Explanation:
Historically, being a 'patron of the arts' refers to the support and encouragement provided to artists such as musicians, stage performers, painters, and sculptors. Such support paves the way for cultural excellence and the enrichment of our lives.

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